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Sending a Follow-up

When you have successfully signed up, you'll be able to send follow-ups directly from within your Gmail inbox. 

To send a Follow-up

  1. Go to your Gmail inbox. This can be found at 
  2. Compose a new email as normal. 
  3. In the bottom right of your Compose box, you'll see Select Follow-upThis will allow you to select a Follow-up sequence to send. 

4. Upon selecting your Follow-up, the Compose box will populate with your first email to send. When you press Send Follow-up our tool will then send your first email immediately and continue to send your pre-defined follow-ups until they are answered or paused. 

5. You will be presented with a number of yellow fields. These are Custom Fields that you will need to fill out on the first email you send. After this, ReplyUp will remember these fields and fill them in automatically on all future follow-ups.


  1. To fill out a Custom Field, simply: 

    1. Click inside the Yellow Field.
    2. Delete the content of the Yellow Field and replace with your custom information. For example replace '@FirstName' with 'Nick'
    3. The custom field will then turn green which means it's good to go! 
    4. When you press send, we'll save these variables and they'll automatically be sent in future emails.