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Follow-up statuses

Follow-up statuses allow you to understand the current status of each of your individual follow-ups.

SCHEDULED - If you have scheduled your first email within your follow-up to send at a later date. 

ACTIVE - An active follow-up is one that is currently live and is part way through the sequence of emails being sent. 


ATTENTION - There's a number of reasons for a follow-up to be marked as attention. 

1. Reached Gmail limitGmail has a limit of the number of emails you are able to send per day.This varies further guidelines can be found here on limits. Your follow-up will mark as attention if you have reached the Gmail limit and therefore will not be able to send anymore within a 24 hour period. 

To resolve, wait 24 hours and then turn on each follow-up. If they turn to 'Active' you know that you are no longer at your Gmail limit. 

2. Gmail account disconnectedIf your Gmail has disconnected (or never been connected) your email follow-ups will be marked as 'Attention' and therefore will not be able to send until you reconnect your Gmail account. 

3. Missing @variables or titles in your follow-upsIf you have certain variables set up in your follow-up however they are empty fields, the follow-up will not send. For example if you use @firstname, but our tool does not have anything in the first name field, we won't send. The same is true if there is no subject line on your emails.


PAUSED - Paused follow-ups are displayed for the following reasons:

1. You have manually paused a follow-up

2. Our tool has paused due to invalid email/bounce back.


REPLIED - This is the one you want to see! This means you have an active reply from a prospect. 


COMPLETE - This means the follow-up has run it's course with a prospect and they have received the full sequence of emails.