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Creating your Follow-ups

If you need to create a Follow-up, you can do this within your Dashboard.

To create a new Follow-up

  1. Either, go to your Gmail inbox > Compose > Select Follow-upManage Follow-ups and follow the below steps: 
  2. Or, head into your ReplyUp Select Templates on left hand navigation > Add a Sequence Name > select Add From here you can create a sequence of follow-up emails with customized content in each email. Remember to:
- Set each email follow-up to a different day in sequential order
- Select AM / PM for each email. 
- Set if you want it Weekdays only
- Fill in the Subject of each email
- Use the @FirstName and @LastName fields to personalize your content.
Set the timezone within your Account Settings page. AM and PM settings will then be sent according to your local time zone. 
Note that we use the name provided from Gmail however if this is unavailable, we'll fill in the field with users email address.